Twenty20 – Sparkleface F2 (6 fem. seeds)

Twenty20 Mendocino - Sparkleface

Lineage: Snowcaine (Spartan Cut) x The Spice!
Type: Indica Dominant
Filial Generation: F2
PVI (Phenotypic Variation Index): Below avg
Indoor Flower Time: 60-70 days
Height/Stretch: Avg to above avg
Yield (per sf): Above avg
Outdoor Harvest Date: First week of  Oct
Trellising Requirements:  Moderate
Color: Mostly green. Some will fade purple outdoor
Nose: Christmas spice, cooking sherry, fruity funk. Floral aromatics become more prominent as October approaches
Effects: Start slow. She comes on strong and lasts long

Notes: Extremely resilient and covered in trichomes! We hunted the F1’s in a huge outdoor phenohunt in MI and found some very potent, resilient, and early ripening phenotypes to create the F2 seedstock with. Sparkleface is so photogenic, it was used as the cover photo in our 2023 seed catalog!

From the grower: The Sparkleface F2 release has been a long time in the making!  The original F1’s were created several years ago as a side project and we released a small batch as freebies.  Shortly after release, we got inundated with reports from extremely happy growers.  The following season in 2022,  we hunted through about 550 females at an outdoor farm in Northern Michigan.  After sifting through 15 standouts from the winner’s circle, we finally pinned it down to two champions which became the parents of the F2.  This is an early ripening and extremely resilient cultivar great for outdoor cultivation.


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