Great Lakes / Bad Dawg Freebies

Bad Dawg Genetics - Cannabis Seed Breeder

Great Lakes / Bad Dawg Freebies

Bad Dawg Genetics - Cannabis Seed Breeder
Bad Dawg Freebies

These products are not for sale. They are or have been offered as freebies so we wanted to provide images so you know what you will be receiving when your purchase qualifies for one of these great giveaways.  Most of current Bad Dawg freebies are in testing. All freebies are regular seeds.

LVTK x Long Bottom Fighter

PuTang x Sunshine #4

White Skunk x LBL

Motor City Fighter (Motor Breath#15 x Long Bottom Fighter)

Long Bottom Fighter F2

BK 30 x 3 Headed Dragon

Ortega x 3 Headed Dragon

Putang x Sunshine #4

Ortega X Apollo 13 F4

PuTang x Thunder F*** Mountain

Dragon Fighter  (3 Headed Dragon X Long Bottom Fighter)

Chrome Diesel x Sunshine 4

“This girl still stinks to high heaven”

Stardawg J x Apollo 13 F4

Deadhead x Long Bottom Leaf


Run Away Bride #4

Granola #5 x 3 Headed Dragon

Atonic x Long Bottom Fighter

Brown Sugar

Putang x Bye Ya

Star Chaser (Death Star x Run Away Bride)

Ma Gooey x Run Away Bride

Mendo Cookies x Cake Fighter

Brown Sugar x Cake Fighter

Atonic x Apollo 13 F4

Kosher Kush x LBL

BK 30

Run Away Bride #5

Valley Dragon Pheno #4

Head Band (Strayfox cut) x Cindy 99

Cindy 99 x Sunshine #4

Hillbilly Wedding

Drama Queen x Bye Ya

Drama Queen x Miles Ahead

The White x Run Away Bride 3

Glue Teeny x Run Away Bride

Chem D x Apollo F4

Funky Dragon (Granola Funk x 3 Headed Dragon)

Brown Sugar x 3 Headed Dragon

Atonic x 3 Headed Dragon

Bye Ya x Cake Fighter

BK 30 x Apollo 13 F4

Tres Stardawg x Runaway Bride #3

Chem D x Apollo

Drama Queen x Epiphany 2

Drama Queen x Epiphany 

Long Bottom Fighter x Atonic

GG4 x 3 Headed Dragon

Run Away Bride #6

Wedding Cake

Hillbilly Fighter

Stardawg (J) x Sunshine #4 (Bodhi)

Wedding Cake (Clone) x Cake Fighter

Purple Sunny Star

Sunshine #4 x BK Dragon

Atonic x Sunshine #4

Tres Star Dawg (Bad Dawg Cut) x Run Away Bride (Putang MMS Cut x Cake Fighter) Bad Dawg 

Run Away Bride