Twenty20 – Snowday (3 or 6 fem. seeds)

Twenty20 Mendocino - Snowday

Lineage: Snowday (Snowcaine (Spartan Cut) x Snow-G) x Snow Day
Type: Sativa Dominant
Filial Generation: F2
PVI (Phenotypic Variation Index): low
Indoor Flower Time: 52-62 days
Height/Stretch: above avg
Yield (per sf): Above avg
Outdoor Harvest Date: Early October
Trellising Requirements:  Above avg.
Color: Green
Nose: Gas, ceder, hints of candy
Effects: Cerebral, lively

SNOWDAY (F2):  Snowday is also the offspring of an outdoor phenohunt from 2022.  This is a large yielding, early flowering frost machine with outstanding potency, great outdoor potential and insane bag appeal.

Notes: The parents were chosen from the earliest ripening and best hash producers from a large outdoor hunt in Michigan in 2022.  This is great yielding variety with huge potential in both indoor and outdoor gardens

From the grower: Despite being a huge hit, we slated the original Humboldt Afghani for early retirement after we discovered some mutation issues. We outcrossed the afghani with a handful of cultivars and tested them during the 2022 outdoor season. Two groups of standouts were selected. We refined the hunt by further testing the winners in an indoor facility and selecting the plants that leaned heavily towards the afghani and flavor, smell and effects. The two winners were Afghani x Snow-G and Afghani x Strawberry Blonde and they were chosen as the parents to the new and improved Afghani V.2. She is an early ripening variety with heavy yields and an uncanny smell resembling sour fruit, skunk and artificial candy flavoring.