Twenty20 – Knows Candy F2 (6 fem auto seeds)

Twenty20 Mendocino - Knows Candy

Type: Feminized Hybrid Autoflower
Origins: Trizzlers x Muchacha
Filial Generation: F2, F3
Phenotypic Variation: Below avg. to low
First Sign of Flower: 21-28 days from sprout
Color: Almost always green but occasional purple pheno will arise
Seeds in pack: 6
Height: Medium -tall
Yield Index (per sf): High
Nose: A confusing combination of old garlic and black licorice candy and burnt rubber.

Notes: Fantastic early ripening outdoor variety that produces true connoisseur grade flowers. The F1 seeds were hunted in an outdoor garden, the winning 2 varieties were used to create F2 seeds. This was the team's #1 favorite smoke from the 2020 outdoor phenohunt.

Tips from the grower: An exemplary example of the perfect plant structure. She usually holds up her own weight indoors, but large outdoor plants will need trellis management. Expect average fertilizer consumption and luscious green leaves. Give her plenty of root space and let her rip!


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