Tony Green’s Tortured Beans – Sour Bubble Tribute Case (30+ reg. seeds)

Tony Green's - Sour Bubble Tribute Case (30+ reg. seeds) + CD Case,  Due to Shipping, 1 per order

Genetics: Bogs Sour Bubble
Seeds in pack: 10+
Sex: Regular
Type: Hybrid
Flowering Time: 58 days
Yield: Medium
Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Both

Notes: An incross of Bogs best medicinal strain from 05'-10' icmagfam stock.

Sour Bubble has long been known for its fast flowering time, dense indica flowers, and supreme medicinal effects. Here we have brought together many of the very best and most sought-after phenos using my knowledge derived from over 10 years of growing and breeding Sour Bubble exclusively. I'm happy to bring you my tribute to Bog and one of the best medicinal strains on the planet!

Note: Scooped seed tubes contain a lot of overfill and may also contain a small number of cosmetically imperfect seeds.



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