Sunshine Dream Genetics – Mango Lotus F2 (11 reg seeds)

Sunshine Dream Genetics - Mango Lotus F2

Genetics: Mango Biche x Snow Lotus
Seeds: 15+
Sex: regular
Flowering: 10 week - mid October
Yield: medium - heavy
Area: indoor/outdoor

Notes: Originally bred by Bodhi Seeds, this is a large framed, red stemmed sativa hybrid. A fast growing plant, Mango Lotus is a heavy yielder under ideal conditions. Grown outdoors, this plant was tested at 43 degrees north in the humid/wet conditions of Northeastern fall weather; finishes mid to late October and shows great resistance to powdery mildew and botrytis. Grown indoor, plants will need to be thinned early as they exhibit prolific branching tendencies; flowering in 70-80 days. Mango Lotus is great for busy individuals that want a clear headed “get shit done” high that doesn’t weigh you down or leave you crashing.


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