Spaceman SeedCo – Modified Apples (7 fem seeds)

Spaceman SeedCo - Modified Apples

Lineage: Gmo Cookies x Lumpys Apple Fritter
Sex: Feminized
Seeds in pack: 7
Type: 70/30 indica
Flower Time: 70-75 days
Yield: Heavy
Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Both

Notes: This exceptional strain possesses an impressive ability to produce substantial quantities of potent hash, making an ideal choice for enthusiast, seeking to extract, concentrated goodness. Embracing a magnificent combination of characteristics, she showcases of vibrant palette of flavors, including notes of pungent, garlic, and rotten apple. Notably the strain, both a striking display of purple Hughes, adding a visually captivating element to the overall experience. Her cultivation is hassle free, ensuring a smooth and straightforward process for growers of all expertise levels. She is known to provide remarkable relief for various elements, such as pain, anxiety, insomnia, and stress, making her valuable asset in the realm of personal well-being


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