Seeds of Compassion – Urkula (15 reg. seeds)

Seeds of Compassion - Urkula

Genetics: Urkle x Devil Dawg
Seeds in pack: 15
Sex: Regular

Notes: The purple weed craze was very real in the mid 2000’s to 2010, and it still hasn’t died down. There will always be a desire on the market for purple flowers and the sensual grapey musty odor those dark flowers emit. Purple Urkle is one of the pillars of the purple family, and it’s a giantly famous cut everyone should try. Besides the euphoric opiate dream-like terpenes of Urkle, she is a uniquely beautiful plant. Large thin bladed...almost sativa like fan leaves on a squat indica structure. The yield is not large but the dense, and usually colorful, fragrant flowers are hard not to appreciate, these nugs turn heads and impress. Urkle is a good option for those who enjoy a bit of a stone. Great for loosening up, feeling goofy/happy, and it is known to help some people with insomnia. Devil Dawg can get extremely coated in white trichomes so imagine a bigger calxed Urkle, just dripping with white frost. Now add the pungency and power of Devil Dawg to Urkle...and you have URKULA


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