Seeds of Compassion – Frozen Fruit Punch (13 reg. seeds)

Seeds of Compassion - Frozen Fruit Punch

Genetics: ATF Uranus cut x Slimer BX
Seeds in pack: 13
Sex: Regular

Notes: Alaskan Thunderfuck, Uranus cut. Another legendary name that has been around forever though I’m not sure where this cut of ATF fits into the Matanuska Thunderfuck gene pool if at all. This ATF cut is very special though. She stays very small and squat, with a spear shaped cola. Her terps are very bright and sweet like a red Fruit Punch. She tastes like a cold glass of Fruit Punch. Very refreshing. She makes my eyes heavy and she crushes anxiety and stress. 4Dragons also used her to make our F.U.B.A.R. which is a heavy narcotic banger. Slimer bx brings a very upbeat and positive effect, along with sweet Orange/Tangerine terps. Very juicy. If you like red slushies that melt stress, get some of this FROZEN FRUIT PUNCH


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