Seeds of Compassion – Forbidden Mango (15 reg. seeds)

Seeds of Compassion - Forbidden Mango

Genetics: Green Crack x Devil Dawg
Seeds in pack: 15
Sex: Regular

Notes: Green Crack...hate the name or love it, it was mega popular around 2009/2010. It had it’s time to shine and eventually faded as Girl Scout Cookies took over. Green Crack (or Green Cush for those who don’t like the comparison to Crack Cocaine lol) is a sativa dominant cross of Skunk #1 made by Cecil. Green Crack is energetic and uplifting in effect, which can be very helpful for motivation, depression, and your sex life (check Leafly, it’s one of the highest rated and most loved cuts ever). It smells like tropical mango with an underlying funk, and the smell translates to taste. She’s a fast finisher, and very photogenic (quite frosty with an eye pleasing contrast in lime green calxes and orange pistils). Also fairly easy to grow, though she will stretch a bit. Introducing Devil Dawg’s sheer pungency and intense trichome production to this mango terped sex smoke, amplifies the Green Crack in every way. A heightened mood, an energy boost, tropical mango terps, an increased desire for sex? That’s why we named this FORBIDDEN MANGO


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