Schwaggy Seeds – Schwaggy’s Skunk #1 F2BX1 f2 (10 seeds)

Schwaggy Seeds - Schwaggy's Skunk #1 F2BX1

Genetics: (Green Crack S1 x Skunky D) F2BX1
Number of seeds in the pack: 10+
Sex: Regular
Flowering Time: 58-63 days
Type: Hybrid
Yield: Average
Area: Indoor


Overall Summary
If you’ve grown out many Skunk #1, you’ll find most have the sweet skunk profile to the nose. Schwaggy's Skunk #1 were made to exhibit classic Skunk #1 morphology (balanced high, high calyx/leaf, doubly serrated leaves) but skew the nose towards more skunk spray notes. The Schwaggy Skunk #1 achieves the morphology and sharp astringent quality to the usual sweet skunk base. (This is not an RKS line per se but you’ll have better luck finding one than in most Skunk 1 lines.)

The Green Crack S1 used to create these leans heavily to the SSSC Skunk 1 with sharp acetic chemical smell and the tackiest trichomes that have ever gummed up my trim scissors. The Skunky D (Chem D x Skunky Brewster) influenced the burnt rubber expression in the nose and raw potency of the effect. The line was taken to F2 and a male was selected to shore up the Skunk #1 structural traits and backcrossed to the F1 female. The result is a take on the classic Skunk #1 with a bit more skunk spray to the nose, updated frost, and potency that can hang with modern lines.

Tall/narrow: Classical Skunk#1 structure with high calyx to leaf ratio, narrower leaf blades, double serration, main stem with some side branching, tacky trichomes

Short/Stout: buds are same as taller phenos on a shorter frame with relatively broader leaves

Taste/Smells: sweet ,sharp astringent, rubber, greasy lingering taste
Height: low/medium x1.5-2 stretch
Flowering Time: 58-63 days
Nutrient Requirements: Moderate to heavy feed, pretty forgiving
Training: side branches may sag towards end

Testing Results
No hermaphrodism was observed


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