San Seeds – Cheetos F2 (10 reg seeds)

San Seeds - Cheetos F2

Genetics: Exodus Cheese x Sour Diesel IBL
Seeds in pack: 10
Sex: Regular

Notes: The Cheese is (supposedly) a classic Skunk #1-pheno shared and enjoyed since the mid-90’s … She is known, loved and well documented, a proven mother. Her 8-9w flower time gets reliably inherited to her kids and the very strong fragrance also makes it’s way into the off- spring. Mating her to the Sour Diesel (2010 IBL) adds some weight to her buds and lets her stretch a bit more in some phenos. The strong fuely-stink of the Sour Diesel, combines well with the strong fragrance of the Cheese. There was no plant without a favorable around and appreciated it very much … so, i went for a seedline that shows all the facettes of this combination in a (structurally) stable F1. The Skunk still dominates the line, of course, but the SD adds noticeable and enjoyable traits to the known Cheese-character. Cheetos-plants take around 9we to be ripe, some phenos are faster. rule of thumb: longer = Sour Diesel-types, faster = Cheese- types.


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