Puzzle Piece Genetics – Chempanion Dawg (10+ Seeds)

Puzzle Piece Genetics - Chempanion Dawg

Genetics: Covert Chemdawg x Winter Windshield (Wedding Cake x Mac V2)
Seeds in the pack: 10+
Sex: Regular
Flowering Time: up to 70 days
Type: Hybrid
Yield: Average to above average
Area: Indoor, outdoor, both: Tested indoor

Notes: Covert Chemdawg is the funkiest plant in the chem family which makes it among the funkiest plants ever found! Imagine Chem 91’ with a burnt rubber and spicy mustard/wasabi kick to it. Covert chem doesn’t stretch much but fills in with golf ball style buds from top to bottom. Crossing covert chem to the winter windshield male has given some much needed stretch and a better leaf to calyx ratio on the buds. The signature smell from the moms side of the family is strong in this mix but the flavor has been improved greatly with the wedding cake/mac v2 influence. Expect some real old school funk with the new school flavor and bag appeal.


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