Nuggy’s Seed Company – Pie-Napple (10+ reg. seeds)

Nuggy's Seed Company - Pie-Napple

Genetics: (Northern lights #5 x platinum pie) x larry Pineapple
Seeds in pack: 10+
Sex: Regular
Flowering Time: 60 days

Notes: Spears that aren’t as long. More bushy than tall. Perfect doobie density may be spear like but not always. nL5pp is a star in my stable. It is from Covelo California and is very beautiful cultivar. The nl5 in this cultivar is believed to be some of the work of the legendary Neville Schoenmaker and will definitely impress. Sir Larry pineapple is a boy that I got from one of the few selfie seeds I have ever gotten from Larry pineapple. It however looks just like its mother but it has the smell that makes you know why “lemon Larry” is what LarryOG is often dubbed. This cross will have lots of beta caryophyllene in it and typically lots of myrcene. Good for nighttime happy use. It will have great structure and the nugs wont be too dense to smoke. Doobies wrap up real nice.


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