Nuggy’s Seed Company – Larry Pineapple (10+ reg. seeds)

Nuggy's Seed Company - Larry Pineapple

Genetics: larry pineapple x sir larry pineapple
Seeds in pack: 10+
Sex: Regular
Flowering Time: 65+ days

Notes: Tall plant will takeover grow room. Untopped, it will make huge nugs. Top early and lots indoor. Outdoor will make huge spears. Larry Pineapple is a heavily Hawaiian landrace cultivar that is really gassy and has been known to give you the giggles. It has strong antidepressant qualities and is very tolerant to wet and hot conditions. Sir Larry Pineapple is a boy that I got from one of the few selfie seeds I have ever gotten from Larry Pineapple. It however looks just like its mother but it has the smell that makes you know why “Lemon Larry” is what Larry OG is often dubbed. This cross will mostly have the lemon smell but once in a while you’ll get a gassy cut. Flower time of 65 days, and maybe a little longer. Expect long spears and perfect density for some top notch smoke.


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