Nuggy’s Seed Company – Jahgooey Fruity (10+ reg. seeds)

Nuggy's Seed Company - Jahgooey Fruity

Genetics: apples & bananas x jahgoo
Seeds in pack: 10+
Sex: Regular
Flowering Time: 57-60 days

Notes: A&B phenos more golfball. Jah phenos will be bigger fluffier with tight spacing and bigger loftier nugs. Apples and bananas is a breeders cut from compound genetics. Jahgoo is the heirloom strain with lots of fame from the round valley of Covelo California. Expect this cross to beef up on the nug structure of the A&B and give it an added unique fruity terp profile. Expect lots of purple and maybe even some pink hairs. Flower time of 60 days.



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