Nuggy’s Seed Company – GooJahta (10+ reg. seeds)

Nuggy's Seed Company - GooJahta

Genetics: horchata x jahgoo
Seeds in pack: 10+
Sex: Regular
Flowering Time: 60 days

Notes: Horchata phenos will be tall and lanky with golf balls. Jah will be bigger with dense but not too dense, the horchata breeders cut from compound genetics. Its a cross of Jetfuel Gelato and mochi gelato. It makes some very pretty nugs with good structure. Jahgoo is the heirloom strain with lots of fame from the round valley of Covelo California. It makes some very pretty nugs too that might be a little bigger and not as dense. Expect a lot of color with some terpinolene and some beta carophylene. Think calm and happy. Flower time of 60 days.


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