Matchmaker Genetics – Triangle Skunk Shine (10 reg. seeds)

Matchmaker Genetics - Triangle Skunk Shine

Genetics: Female: Blackberry Moonshine bx1 (DFG) Male: Triangle Skunk (bred by matchmaker genetics selected by dfg)
Seeds in pack: 10 regular
Area (indoor, outdoor, both): Both

Notes: Dragons Flame & Matchmaker Genetics Collab

The Triangle Skunk Shine went heavy to the fuel, skunky, disgusting terp family, with killer potency like the Tk cut is known for. The Blackberry Moonshine side comes out with a better bag appeal, resin coverage, and adds in some delicious skunky tangerine notes to the fuel kush stank that the TK and Skunk dog side of the family are known for. This line also has an open, stretchy structure that allows for air flow, and minimal deleafing required for harsh climates. Both sides are built for mold and mildew resistance, and in testing, many growers found killer outdoor plants in Michigan, northern Washington, Hawaii, as well as Oregon outdoor grow regions. Indoors she grows much like an OG, with a Tall 2-3x stretch range. Outdoors most expressions are done by the first week to second week of october, with some fast triggering plants coming through as well. Test reports have been coming back in the 27-31% Thc range, with 3-5% in the Terp category. Easy going, dank, and stanky gas and skunk tangerine. Need I say even more!



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