Matchmaker Genetics – Grape Skunk Dog (10 reg. seeds)

Matchmaker Genetics - Grape Skunk Dog

Genetics: Grape Pie (Archive cut - cannarado bred) x Triangle Skunk (MMS bred - DFG selection)
Seeds in pack: 10 regular
Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks

Notes: This one isn't the most massive yields, but makes very dense, evenly sized, easy trimming, dank buds. Very resinous with grape and gas being the main smells and tastes. Many phenos will also display colorful buds when broken up. Easy growing, with 2x stretch, and a 8-10 week flower time depending on desired ripeness. Take later for the headstash, 8 week for the quick turnarounds. All in all, this new release is sure to please the picky smokers, and the "Fruit + gas" crowd as well.



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