Kendogsmoke KDS Seeds – 13 Stars (15 reg seeds)

Kendogsmoke KDS Seeds - 13 Stars

Genetics: 13 Ghosts x Stardawg
Seeds in pack: 15
Sex: Regular
Type: Hybrid Indica leaning
Flowering Time: 65 days
Yield:  Heavy
Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Both

Notes:  Little collab from @thegilbertgrower and us. This is 13 Stars (13 Ghosts x Stardawg) Live Hash Rosin from @thegilbertgrower Smells are PUNGENT AF and I LOVE it. If you know me I'm fruit terp forward but I still LOVE it ALL. Chemdawg and any lineage are always a win for me with my #ptsd Great Tunnel vision and Euphoric af. So lineage 13 Ghosts don't know much but that Funky sour Asparagus Stench that Ghost OG emirates is definitely embodied in here. Then on the other side the Stardawg being Chemdawg 4 x Tres Dawg so double down on those onion garlic Funky terps that tornado into your nose and that mix between those strains is 13 Stars. When those smells combine in this strain it also gives off a Cheesy 🧀 smell that I've been longing for (no diddy). The taste is just as complex as it dances on the taste buds. From Funk to Sweet to Sour to Bitter to Somehow Cheesy Creamy. Mang this is super nice. The feels are just like the parent strains provide Clear headed, Tunnel vision(focus), Euphor Euphoria, Motivated and Hungry. Ok TAP IN Smoke Up and Trip Out Love You All! Make sure to go watch The Gilbert Growers Episode on Youtube or Listen on Spotify! A lot of good knowledge on there! Now go Smoke something please 🙏



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