Katsu Seeds – Sour OG Mango (10 reg. seeds)

Katsu Seeds - Sour OG Mango

Genetics: OG Mango x Sour Diesel
Sex: Regular
Seeds in pack: 10

Notes:  OG Mango crossed to Stoney’s legendary Sour Diesel male. “Sour OgMango – Ogmango is one of my all time favorites… very few plants I would consider a 10 and this girl is up there as close to 10 only thing I can say bout her is that she could yield better inside and the sour male will surely fatten her up a lot… inside she grows 100% og outside she is a beast and her haze traits really come out… one of the best smokes I’ve ever tried …incredible thick pungent undeniable mango funk none of that terpinoline all myrcene with sickening gas og funk she tests consistently over 3% terps but she ain’t all flavor this girl hits hard over 30% inside n out!!!! One of the frostiest girls I got in the stable to she is dripping in greasy sticky resin… StoneFarms favorite!!!” Stoney

“Oh man these were such fire. After a couple weeks in the cannatrol, The sour mango 3 was the keeper for me. The mango 1 was killer too, but I had to make an executive decision due to space. So the mango 3 was the sativa leaner. It’s got this loud spicy mango sour smell when you crack the jar. I’ve smoked mango haze and sour a lot over the years so I had an idea of what I was looking for and I got it. This did not disappoint. The thing I like the most is the structure on this one. It’s got the styrofoam texture that I love when I break it up. It also leaves a lot of trichomes on the table so it could be a good candidate for hash? The high is actually stronger on the #1 I think but the terps are more my style on the 3. The # 1 has much more og in it. It had those waxy leaves and had a peanut butter thing going on when it was growing. The structure was much more og than the #3. This had heavy trichome coverage and I’m sure some people would have preferred this one as the keeper. It reminded me too much of the sour p I grew that was amenesia haze crossed to sour. Not my favorite plant but a very beautiful one.
These plants were pollinated with a sour Staten Island male. I thought I was selectively pollinating branches but looks like I have a heavier hand with the pollen than I thought. The seeds are beautiful though. They are giant and dark striped and look primal to me lol. Of the different sour crosses that I grew this round the mango was my favorite. I have a male mango (#2) that’s been sitting in an aerocloner for way to long. I think I’m going to cross that to the 3 and the mango bubbas I have going. I’ve always been a fan of mango and sour and these did not disappoint. I can’t wait to pop these seeds on a larger scale, look under the hood and see what keepers are there” Dr;Mike


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