Katsu Seeds – Rainbow Bubba (6 fem seeds)

Katsu Seeds - Rainbow Bubba

Genetics: Rainbow Sherbet 11 x Pre98 Bubba Kush
Seeds per pack: 6
Sex: Feminized

Notes: RS11 Doja cut crossed to Pre98 Bubba Kush. “Took a tester bud off RS11 x Pre98. She has a very interesting smell to her that i really like but can’t pin it down. As far as effects, she’s going to knock out most smokers, she hits hard and fast. This bowl I smoked hit me harder then the dab I smoked just before the bowl. Body and mind relaxed, you can get some stuff done but you may forget what your doing while doing it.🤣 my two hardest hitters are this one and ICR s1, the RS11 X PRE98 hits harder out of the two. That might change with a proper cure.” Frosty



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