Katsu Seeds – Gas Melons (10 reg. seeds) with attached freebie Sour S’mores (5-reg seeds)

Katsu Seeds - Gas Melons

Genetics: Watermelon x Sour Diesel
Sex: Regular
Seeds in pack: 10

Notes: “this girl here is a mostly sour dominant girl… very easy plant to grow stretched out the watermelon structure opening her up eliminating a lot of pruning work the mom needs to really shine… she has that thick nose burning mouth coating sour with some sweeter candy melon on the back end hiding like one of those sour warhead candies… this was the most sour girl by far outta my run not sweet like the mom at all but has a touch of her mixed in … the sour male definitely added some strength and gas to this cross aswell… have a few other impressive girls from this to show but had to get into the sourest first and can say I’m enjoying the fuk outta this joint …” Stoney


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