Katsu Seeds – Double Dose Diesel (10 reg. seeds) with attached freebie Sour S’mores (5-reg seeds)

Katsu Seeds - Double Dose Diesel

Genetics: Original Diesel x Sour Diesel
Sex: Regular
Seeds in pack: 10

Notes: “Here’s some of the original diesel x sour plants from my homies run…. He had 6 females 4 males All the girls were full of gas but these 3 were just a level above the other 3 …. First 4 pics are of the original diesel dominant lady… massive rounder nug structure reeks of diesel fumes and sharp chemicals and has an immediate effect hits hard and intense with that diesel rush before she mellows ya out
Pics are of what I’d call a 50/50 pheno much more sour in growth has some foxtailing and sours tell tale hairs …more if a sour bite then the first pheno but not as intense immediate onset but when it hits ya stuck where ya are for a long long time
Number 3 deserves its own post and I’m only allowed to post 10 pics anyway… all of the phenos I’ve tried are this have been killer full of sour and diesel funks with devastatingly potent effects….”

“LET ME TELL YA SUMTHIN!!!!!!! Now this one right here this one right here this one right here having ya stuttering and spazzing the fuk out!!!! DANGER PLEASE STAND BACK!!! This girl deserved her own post for sure!!!This may be the most sour plant I’ve ever tried out of my sour work over the years even more sour sours and even the Staten sours … this girl smokes as good as the best sour I’ve ever grown but faster was done perfect 72 days flower and not as floppy!!!! Homies plant yielded 5 oz in 3 gallon with Huge spears of mouth coating lip smacking sour that ya taste for hours after ya smoke it… coated with layers of silver resin some of the stickiest shit I’ve seen so oily even dry breaking her up she feels wet … also would like to note this was grown by an new grower who took direction well I can only imagine what she could do in the right hands grown in rows” Stoney


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