Genus Seed Co. – Kashmir Sweater (10 seeds)

Genus Seed Co. - Kashmir Sweater

Genetics: Eastern Starz x Kashmir Azad
Sex: Regular
Type: Hybrid
Flowering Time: 9-11 weeks The effects get stronger with an extra week or two. Depending on the pheno. The richness of flavors increase as well.
Yield: Mostly average/medium. With a couple heavier yielding plants popping up.
Area: They do great indoors and outdoors under full weather in the PNW at 46.5* north latitude.
Seeds in pack: 10
Notes: Scents and rich flavors of Hash, Lemon, Fuel, Fermentation and Leather have been noted. The effects are in the narcotic spectrum. Some can have a heavy body stone with a muddled head and some will have the narcotic body stone with a clear head. "These plants make great medicinal oils"


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