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Genetic Designer - Jungle

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Mother: guava mints (strawberry guava x (kush mints x triangle kush bx3))
Father: om mani padme hum (miles a head (triangle kush x breathwork (mendo breath x grateful breath))) f2
First filial generation
Flowering Time: 56-70 days
Flowering Stretch: 1.5-2.5x
Flowering Profile: vigorous, resinous, sticky, stacking, purple, frosty
Flavors: guava, strawberries, lemon, lychee, passionfruit, papaya, candy, saffron, wintergreen mint, myrrh, pine, camphor, cypress, petrol, gasoline, burnt rubber, skunk, turpentine, & incense
Effects: relax, pain relief, social, euphoric, creative, social, potent

Intro: Welcome to the jungle. Representing the finest expressions of cannabis on earth, the jungle draws from exotic cannabis genetics ancestry from the heart earth.
Explore the heart chakra flavors of middle earth. Not only is heart an anagram for earth, our heart chakra is also our middle chakra, the fourth chakra. In norse mythology, middle earth is midgard, the home of humans. Represented by green, the heart chakra represents compassion, humility, balance, forgiveness, and love.


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