Generic Seeds – Columbine #9 x Azad Kashmir (13 seeds)

Generic Seeds - Columbine #9 x Azad Kashmir

Genetics: Columbine #9 x Azad Kashmir
Sex: Regular
Type: Hybrid
Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks
Yield: Yield is mostly relative to the growing environment. Growing methodology, lights, pot size, environmental parameters etc. However, this Strawberry Diesel IBL can yield a heavy amount of produce
Area: Indoor, greenhouse and outdoors
Seeds in pack: 10
Notes:  "This girl was a breeze to grow, still ending up with a soothing silver haze aroma with colas that I’m sure would be 2 liter bottle size or bigger grown outside. It took a while to figure out sex so she was more of a 9 weeker but could have went earlier and looks like a nice cash cropper. As noted next rounds in these totes I intend to change out the cal mag sooner. All my regular stuff was more leafy this round too." Kold Kasiz, who also provided the photo.


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