Dino Party Chucking Co. – Moonijuana (10+ reg seeds)

Dino Party Chucking Co. - Moonijuana

Genetics: Cherry Moonshine x Apollo Blues
Seeds in the pack: 10+
Sex: Regular
Type: Hybrid
Flowering Time: 9 weeks
Yield: Extra heavy
Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Indoors

Notes: How It Grows: Likes to be topped and grown as a multi cola bush. Incredibly dense buds, some branches will need assistance towards the end despite being strong and thick. Heavy trichome coverage, lots of resin production as well.
Flavor/Smell/Effects: While growing, this plant gave off a heavy smell of Red Vine candy and some sort of skunky chemical funk, a nice sweet fruity and somewhat gross aroma. While drying, that sweetness gets a bit more acrid, like overripe strawberries still in the field. After having a little bit of time in the jar, the nose has come to be a sweet, milky strawberry and ammonia. The flavor is similar, a sort of spiced strawberry that makes a real thick tasty smoke. The kind of smoke that hits you right behind the eyes, good for sitting down and catching up with somebody you give a shit about. Some solid, uplifting, s, easy to grow, good tasting bud. One of Dino’s favorite! 10+ regular seeds.


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