Dino Party Chucking Co. – Hashtastrophe (8+ fem seeds)

Dino Party Chucking Co. - Hashtastrophe

Genetics: (Bubbashine x 88G13HP) x Midsicle #5
Seeds in the pack: 8+
Sex: Feminized
Type: Hybrid
Flowering Time: 10 weeks
Yield: High
Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Indoors

Notes: Big uniform nugs growing all up and down strong uniform branching. A very easy to grow plant, she does well both topped into a bush or as a single cola. On the plant the nose is hashy, dank basement, and a bit skunky Jarred buds are bringing heavy notes of onions, sour cream, and mango. Like snacking on some Sour Cream Pringles and a Mucho Mango AZ Tea. Foul, then a little sweet, then some nice funk. Flavor is similar to how she smells, it has some sweet kushy mango flavor and some chemmy funk blended nicely. High is a very pleasant stone that starts in the middle and envelops you like a warm blanket, very easy to get on your train of thought and ride it to wherever it seems to take you. Not a debilitating smoke, yet a very heavy, long lasting high that lends itself to creative endeavors and time spent in nature. Dino Party’s favorite!


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