Dino Party Chucking Co. – Black Light Bubba S1 (8+ fem seeds)

Dino Party Chucking Co. - Black Light Bubba S1

Genetics: Black Light Fantasy x Bubba Kush reversal 2x
Seeds in the pack: 8+
Sex: Feminized
Type: Hybrid
Flowering Time: 9 weeks
Yield: HIgh
Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Both

Notes: In veg, she grows quickly and produces many lateral branches, the lower ones which do better to be trimmed off.
This plant benefits from a multi topped bush style grow, the taller pheno’s will require staking due to the sheer amount of bud hanging off
of them. Many budsites appear early on and fill out quickly to fill the entire plant out with greasy purple nuggets. Wizard hat style buds
filled thick on all the branches, heavy grease and trichome production.
Aroma/Flavors: Sweet grape gum, new tennis shoes, and pine sol with an extra bit of chemical punch on the end of it, with a hint of the
acrid burn you may find mucking out a horse stall. She is covered in trichomes and grease, and cracking the jar fills the room
with that sweet funky stink. Smoked from a bong, the flavors are of a creamy candied grape and sweet skunk with a bit of floral
earthiness to it. Coats the back of your throat, you can really taste it a half hour later when you leave the house.


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