Cannavore Selections – Counterfeit Kush F3 (15 reg seeds)

Cannavore Selections - Counterfeit Kush F3

Genetics: Counterfeit Kush F3
Seeds in the pack: 15
Sex: Regular
Type: Indica Hybrid
Flowering Time: 9 Weeks
Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Not tested outdoor

Notes: I received some seeds over a decade ago from an old timer on the icmag forums that were labeled as Katsu Bubba Kush F2's. He received the seeds from the trading group that produced them. The story is that someone found a male, or had some male pollen from Orgnkid's Bubba Kush S1's and they sent it to Katsu to make seeds with his Bubba cut. They sat in my stash for awhile until last year I decided to finally reproduce them. These are an open pollination between 3 females, and 2 males. The seeds were old and that was all that broke soil out of 15 seeds. Upon growing them it was pretty obvious to me they were unlike any of the established Bubba clones which is why I renamed them to Counterfeit Kush, it would be false advertising to claim these are a "pure" Bubba line. These seed plants grew faster, larger, yielded more, and didn't have the Bubba terps I am used to which made me initially think someone along the way lied or had some pollen contamination. After reading up on these some more at icmag forums, these seeds are the breeding stock of what became known as Peyote Purple. Smells are pretty varied… From the ones I have grown I have had all sorts of smells from them…. Floral rose, strawberry mango, red wine, blackberry, cocoa, fuel, fruity musk.


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