AV3 Genetics – America’s Trap (10 seeds)

AV3 Genetics - America's Trap

Genetics: trapjaw f3 (m) American kush f2 (f)
Number of seeds in the pack: 10
Sex: Regular
Type: (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid) Hybrid
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
Yield: Large
Area: (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Both

The trap jaw male used was chosen for its perfect structure, frosty nodes, true chem dankness on the stem rub, and just overall a superb stud! The trap jaw male passed on his traits to the American kush line all of his uniqueness. These plants have amazing bud structure, dense fat greasy buds, that smell like a wonderful mix of chem, and lemon kush. Each parent has left its standout traits in this line. Harvest time indoors 8-10 weeks expect medium large- large yields


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