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Various effective methods exist for successfully germinating cannabis seeds. If you have a technique that consistently yields results, it’s advisable to stick with it. However, if you’re exploring new approaches, the following is a brief step-by-step guide outlining some proven seed germination processes from our experienced breeders.

  1. Overnight Soak (Optional): Accelerate the germination process by soaking seeds for 24-36 hours in pH-balanced tap water or bottled water.
  2. Paper Towel Method: Fold a paper towel into quarters. Moisten the towel with pH-balanced water; tap water is generally suitable. Ensure it is not saturated, with no water dripping when held vertically. Gently press to drain excess water if needed. Place seeds inside the folded towel; it can accommodate up to 100 seeds.
  3. Container Placement: Put the folded towel in a sealed food storage container. Alternatively, use a partially opened plastic sandwich bag, though a container is preferred. Label your seeds for identification.
  4. Dark Storage: Store the container in a dark place at room temperature (72°F-79°F) until taproots reach 1-2 inches, typically taking 48-96 hours.
  5. Planting: Once taproots have developed, gently plant the sprouts in the chosen medium with the root down and the seed shell slightly protruding above the surface.

Please note: Great Lakes Genetics does not promote germination of seeds. We sell seeds as souvenirs. Please follow your local & state rules regarding cannabis seeds.