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The Oregon Wine Story

Meet your Oregon Wine creators, Wavy and Bee.

Wavy is a Master Grower that has been perfecting the genetics of Oregon Wine and That TOM (Time Of the Month) for 4 years.

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He is always working on the next cultivar to bring benefit and relief to patients. Wavy not only has a green thumb, but exceptional taste for cultivars with exotic flavors. He doesn’t use it because it is popular; He uses it because of its medicinal properties and #Terpelicious flavors.

Bee is the brains of the business and social media operation. When you speak with someone at Wavy Flower Company, it is her. She embodies the lifestyle of the connoisseur, and brings the brand to life, along with having knowledge and education to meet your needs.

Together they have created a company that cares about how to treat everyday ailments, while searching for ways to help more serious conditions.  Terpenes are underdogs, and should be celebrated. Wavy Flower Company will be known for creating genetics that bring flavor back to the forefront, while aiding in treatment needs for medical issues.