Sativa Breather Fundraiser

Hello this is Dragboat

I am a part of a private group of Cannabis Connoisseur’s that range from a part time pollen chucker like myself, to some professional breeders. We have quite a range of great genetics. We are a group of peeps that share our genetics and make seeds to share in our Community.

One of our great friends/ members ran into some very tough times over the last year. So the members of our community have dug into their vaults and are selling some of their creations to raise money to get our friend back on track. 100% of all donations will go to S.B.

Greatlakes Genetics cannot guarantee these seeds, however I do not expect there will be any issues. These packs are priced below market value.

And I will be adding in a Bad Dawg Freebie/tester with every pack or group of packs (some bins will have more than 1 pack). These freebies have been tested or are currently in testing now. They are Crosses made using 3 Headed Dragon (Bodhis Dragonsblood F1 x Triangle Kush) and Apollo 13 F4 from Mota Rebel.

We ask that if you buy a pack you send payment out ASAP.

Thanks in advance for your help with our project!!!

From our Cannabis Community to yours.