Wavy Flower Company – Twisted Oreoz (6 fem seeds)

Wavy Flower Company - Twisted Oreoz

Genetics: Lemonokie x Oreoz 1.0 Maxieyields Cut
Seeds in the pack: 6
Sex: Feminized
Flowering Time: 55-65 days
Type: Feminized
Yield: Heavy

Notes: Twisted Oreoz is an indica-dominant hybrid that will quench your thirst. Notes of lemon poundcake mixed with your favorite dunking cookie will be sweet and satisfying. You will want this to be your new air freshener, making the house smell of your favorite baked goods. Lemonokie is a indica-leaning hybrid. This bud contains intense lemon- cleaner and cake nodes, making it smell like grandma’s freshly cleaned house. Lemonokie will give a full-body and head high, that also leaves you feeling relaxed after a hard day’s work. The citrusy taste is a refreshing and calming strain, with hints of fruit-flavored herbal tea. Lemonokie is calming, and great for end-of-the-day. Lemonokie is often chosen to treat conditions such as insomnia, chronic pain, stress and anxiety. It is also great for increasing appetite. Lemonokie buds have thick triangular-shaped bright green nugs with slight purple undertone, and a generous amount of trichome coverage throughout the plant as a whole.
Oreoz 1.0 Maxyields cut will remind you of the childhood treat “dirt” – the pudding and crushed Oreo dessert with a few gummy worms on top. It smells of sweet chocolate and nuttiness. She has proven to be a great yielder with medium stretch, and dense buds with a fast-flowering time.


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