Wavy Flower Company – Lemons and Grapes (12 seeds)

Wavy Flower Company - Lemons and Grapes

Genetics: Grape Lemonade Skunk F2 x Uncle Fester's Skunk #18
Seeds in the pack: 12
Sex: Regular
Flowering Time: 60-70 days
Type: Indica - heavy hybrid
Yield: Super medium
Area: Indoor, outdoor, both: Both

Notes: The aroma on this gorgeous cultivar is so unique, that it is hard to pinpoint one flavor that stands out among the others.  The nose is a subtle mix of Grape Gatorade, Lemon Gatorade, with a sweet pixie stick on the end. Buds will be a bright lime-green, with violet-yellow fades. It is an evenly-balanced hybrid. Uncle Fester's Skunk #18 is a combination of Colombian Gold x Mexican Sativa x Afghani.  Uncle Fester's Skunk #18 is known to be one of the original skunk lines that came down through the Hell's Angels. It is known to have indica-type effects, with strong black rubber aroma, along with a fresh spray/musky that can be meaty or gamey at times.  Grape Lemonade Skunk F2 is Lemon Tree x Gorilla Grape Skunk. Uncle Fester's Skunk #18 was bred by The Nature Farm. Grape Lemonade Skunk F2 is from an unknown breeder.


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