Twenty20 – The Spice! F2 (100 seed farmer pack) No re-package or re-sale

Twenty20 Mendocino - The Spice! F2

Lineage: Biscotti x The Whip! (reversed) F1, (The Spice! #41 x The Spice! #19) F2
Type: Feminized
Filial Generation: F2
PVI (Phenotypic Variation Index): Very low
Indoor Flower Time: 55-62 days
Height/Stretch: Below average - average
Yield (per sf): Above average - High
Nose: Gas, licorice, anise, pepper, cloves
Effects: Sedative, appetite stimulating, sleep inducing

Tips from the grower: This is a hardy, fast flowering variety.  She does well with above average feedings.  Topping should be done as early as possible because she doesn’t stretch much into flower

Notes: One of our most uniform varieties, the plants are nearly clone-like with very little phenotypic variation. This cultivar has great potential for commercial production in both indoor and outdoor gardens. The flavor, potency and bag appeal make this an all-around winner and one of our favorite varieties to grow.


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