Twenty20 – The Great! Fem (6 seeds)

Twenty20 Mendocino - The Great! (6 seeds)

Type: Feminized
Origins: Great Success x Ave of The Giants
Filial Generation: In-cross (IX)
Phenotypic Variation: Low
First Sign of Flower: 60-68 days from sprout
Height: Avg
Yield Index: Above avg
Nose: Gas, Rotten Fruit Bowl, Strawberries
Expected Outdoor Harvest Date: Oct 5-Oct-15

Notes: Descending from one of the most infamous strains in the Bell Springs region of Mendocino County, Great Success, this cultivar takes terpenes to a whole new level!  We joined our biggest terpene bomb, Ave of The Giants, with its parent, Great Success.  The outcome of this In-cross is everything we expected and more! This is an outdoor cultivar through and through so expect great results in your outdoor garden.  Plants are fast growing and vigorous but remain fairly compact and produce great yields.  The extremely resinous and potent flowers ripen in early to mid October and fare well under adverse climatic conditions.   Expect uniform plants with low phenotypic variation.  Although commercially viable, this is connaisseur grade cannabis at its finest.  This is a limited, single batch release.


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