Twenty20 – Biskwik (3 or 6 fem. seeds)

Twenty20 Mendocino - Biskwik

Lineage: Sparklface (Cut #B16 from outdoor hunt) x Strawberry Biscotti Auto
Type: Indica Dominant
Filial Generation: F1
PVI (Phenotypic Variation Index): Avg
Indoor Flower Time: 44-50 days
Height/Stretch: Avg
Yield (per sf): Avg
Outdoor Harvest Date: : Mid Sept
Trellising Requirements:  Avg
Color: Green fading to purple
Nose: Gas, spicey, skunk, earthy, savory
Effects: fast acting, sleep inducing, dreamy

Earlies: The earlies are hybridized photoperiod plants that have been crossed with our most potent, and best hash producing Tier 2 autoflowers.  These are true photoperiod plants but the autoflower gene gives them the ability to flower very quickly and trigger quickly as well.  The plants are super aggressive and can yield as much or more than the full term photos but they typically ripen as early as Sept 15th.  Indoors, they flower remarkably fast and usually ripen in a solid 45 -50 days.

Notes: Part of our early ripening line, this is a fast flowering hybrid with great bag appeal and potency. Flower will fade to purple.