Twenty20 – Bad Girl Regular (16 seeds)

Twenty20 Genetics - Bad Girl

Type: Indica Dominant
Sex: Regular Seeds
Lineage: GSC x The Whip! Bx4
Yield: High
Flower Time: 7-9 weeks

Bad Girl is the perfect marriage between a heavy hitting kush and the classic GSC.   She carries an extremely deep, rich, kush flavor reminiscent of Master Kush but also reeks of jet fuel and mentholatum. She’s a photogenic beauty and usually steals all of the attention in the garden.

Notes From the Head Grower:

Bad Girl has quickly become one of our favorites in the garden. Compared to most other GSC strains, her yield is exceptional.  She is tall and stout and doesn’t have any obvious negative sensitivities to nutrients. She stretches well into flower and the typically has usable flowers from the bottom nodes all the way to the top! 

Notes from the Breeder:

Bad Girl is the love child of some of our favorite strains.  Her father was a 4th generation backcross (Bx) of The Whip!. The Whip! is a cross of Island Mt Strawberry Kush and Sour Snow. Her Mother is an absolute phenomenal cut of GSC we obtained from our good friends and veteran breeders at HumboldtDNA. 


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