Tony Green’s Tortured Beans – Bog Breath (10+ reg. seeds) Special

Tonygreen/Loudog 420 promo pack

These packs do not quilify for any other promos.

1- 10 pack of Casey Jones x Sour Bubble BX1 Vintage 2011

1 - 10 pack GH x CJSB BX1 GH = (NYCD x G13/Haze) x Agent Orange

Tonygreen/Loudog 420 promo pack Each pack has 2 -10 packs of different strains (packed separately) for $70

Casey Jones x Sour Bubble BX1 Vintage 2011

Quick notes from Loudog...

For those finding their way here from Gorilla Bubble land and wondering what CJSB is... Short version, an open pollination of Sour Bubble and Casey Jones lines originally meant as a starting point for further refinement and increasing outdoor vigor. A few selections here and there, but mostly letting the genes do their thing. So hats off to BOG and H3ad. But, in my lack of selection, there also presents a wide range of phenos, some with instability (intersex heat mainly, some light sensitivity) but mostly just a wide variety mixing Sour Bubble, Thai, Trainwreck, and the sour families… In what are essentially f2s, these beans were meant for pheno hunting and personal stockpile. After lots of good feedback over the years, they’re getting old and are in a place to help out a buddy, so what better use than that? People should be aware and I'm sure Tony will figure a way to pass along the original spirit of the CJSB, as he is now the keeper of the CJSB and all have been donated to help tortured beans and the work they’re doing…


GH = (NYCD x G13/Haze) x Agent Orange

Quick notes from Loudog...

GH is another from catnip (NYGhazeAO I think he calls it), similar to the nyco... smells are orange baby poop, I love it... 77 is about the earliest to take her, but have taken her all the way into the 100s... Often described as extreme, or crazy, a very sativa and thought provoking high with great flavor from the NYCD and Agent Orange in the lineage. Crazy yields and surprisingly dense for any cannabis, let alone a sativa... Solid nugs all the way down, even in low light conditions, performing very well. Probably the most vigorous line I've ever grown...


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