Tony Green & Karma Genetics – GG4 R.I.L. x Sowah,

Tony Green's - R.I.L. x Sowah (10 reg. seeds)

Genetics: Pine GG4 R.I.L. x Sour Diesel Bx4
Seeds in pack: 10
Sex: Regular
Type: Hybrid
Flowering Time: 70-84 days
Yield: High with dense and resin rich flowers
Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Both, please top your plants and prune lowers for the best results

Notes: With over 8 years of inbreeding and line work on Gorilla Bubble to create the GG4 R.I.L. I was picky about what I was going to outcross her with for our first F1 so when we hooked up with Karma I knew the patience would pay off. Two expertly inbred lines combined for a true F1 experience featuring awesome vigor and an easy to grow plant with extreme resin production and terpene profiles that produce perhaps the finest cannabis I have ever experienced. All of this comes with a baseline uniform quality that will make it hard to choose your keeper. The extra flowering time is worth it because in the end you will experience that thing you always think you're missing from the old days. The affects are soaring and truly have no ceiling, our eyes open not close when we partake, We are excited to bring you the R.I.L. Sowah!


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