Tony Green & Karma Genetics – Gorilla Bubble BX5 S1 (10 fem seeds)

Tony Green's - Karma Genetics - Gorilla Bubble BX5 S1

Seeds in pack: 10
Sex: Feminized

Ticket winner will be announced on IG when first hundred packs are paid for.

Notes: A mostly homozygous GG4 inbred back cross line that is the mother of last years GG4 RIL.
You can see her all over my IG. These will be excellent breeding stock so feel free to work her!
Get them while you can because they are limited! We plan to drop GB BX6 regs later in the year and that
will be all of the Gorilla Bubble available until 2023 since next year is filled with a secret project.

Gorilla Bubble... what I call "impress your friends weed"
because everyone who cracks a jar, handles a bud, and smokes a doob of the stuff I have,
are extremely impressed. Gorilla Bubble falls into a category I like to call a full package
"dessert weed" because it is such a soothing, satisfying experience with every toke. Full
flavours of sour, sweet, dank goodness with a hint of skunky burning tire and anise...
and ya, she gives me forhead sweats and a good couch ride if I over indulge.


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