Cryptic Labs – Supercritical (12 seeds)

Cryptic Labs - Supercritical

Lineage: Critical Mass x Double Dubb

Supercritical is a cross of Critical Mass to our Double Dubb. This line has great vigor and a strong aroma of diesel skunk funk and a very powerful high that will please even the most picky pot connoisseur.
Supercritical is easy to grow and doesn’t require heavy feedings like most “elite strains” do. So you don’t need to go out and spend a bunch of money on nutrients to bring this one to its potential , even slightly mistreated plants will still put out a respectable amount of frosty buds. If done right it should yield buds of medium to large size that are covered from stem to leaf tip in resin.
Also, be on the lookout for the “claw” phenotype. This one is more sativa leaning and will grow normal in the vegetative state of growth like the others but when in flower, she will dump the resin on so hard the bud leaflets will become so immersed in frost that they claw downward. It’s almost a shame to trim them off at harvest. So be careful with this one, she just might go Supercritical on you…


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