Strayfox Gardenz – Perry’s Peach (11 Reg seeds)

Strayfox Gardenz - Perry's Peach

Genetics: Big Sur Holy Bud x Hawaiian Peaches
Sex (Premium Traditional, Premium Reversals, Auto): Premium Traditional 
Type: Indica/sativa Hybrid
Flowering Time: 8 weeks
Yield: Heavy
Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Indoor
Seeds in pack: 11

Notes: Extremely rare release. These were made for building blocks for a good friend. They smash indoors and outdoors. Easy to grow. Little slow in veg but they go fast in flower. Most aromas start out as wild mountain flowers and the smell right after a rain. Once they hit 5 -6 weeks, they stack very nice with purple resin production. These girls produce massive crystal stickiness for the guys that like the rosin press. Very tasty. Peach berry floral funk and blueberry menthol to the max. Most plants will be short and squat. 36 packs made

Effects and Benefits: Happy clear magic high. Very settle on the mind, body and spirit. Excellent for deep meditation and healing..


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