Strayfox Gardenz – Hollywood Unicorn (10 fem seeds)

Strayfox Gardenz - Hollywood Unicorn

Genetics: Hpk Es cut x Purple Unicorn Bodhi cut
Sex (Premium Traditional, Premium Reversals, Auto): Premium Reversals
Type: Indica Hybrid
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
Yield: Medium - heavy
Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Indoor

Notes: This girl has some legs but its sooo worth it. This old hpk elk slayer cut really adds a spin to bodhi's purple uni. This love connection brings out some of the best kush times it by 10. These plants grow into monsters od. Long flowering spears that are covered in frost. Theres a few gold pheno's that pop up and they will literally take your breath away. Smoke is excellent. Some of these rare pheno's have no ceiling. Kinda like you just took a dab hit and ripped your face off.

Effects and Benefits: Very important to find a place to sit down after a session with this warrior. Anxiety can come on quick with the gold pheno's, very chill and seductive effect can show more with the dark green frosty or purple pheno's. Those are my favorite.


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