Strayfox Gardenz – Double Triangle (11 Reg seeds)

Strayfox Gardenz - Double Triangle

Genetics: Triangle Kush x Tresdawg F1
Sex (Premium Traditional, Premium Reversals, Auto): Premium Traditional 
Type: Indica/Sativa hybrid
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
Yield: Medium
Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Indoor
Seeds in pack: 11

Notes: This release of f1 hybrids are absolutely fire. I tried to make it easy for the growers that dont wanna do much work pheno hunting. Multiple keepers in every pack. Tk brings her own heat to the game. Jj's old tresdawg line will blow your hair back. What an amazing matchup for the guys that love to get super high. This is one to add to your treasure chest. Easy to grow, heavy feeder, love's tea drenches. She gets a little stinky. Finished hardwood floors and feminine kush aromas with hints of afghani roasted peanuts and skunky old coffee. Filters are a must for indoors.

Effects and Benefits: Strong weed that is not for light weights. Zippy heart pounding sweats. Do not go out in public. Lol. Shit will get awkward quick.


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