GanjaMed – StrawBubble Bash (11 seeds)

GanjaMed - StrawBubble Bash

Strawberry Kush Breath x Gorilla Bubble Bx4

In memory of a good friend and valued forum member Milo, we have paired two strong Strawberry Kush Breath phenos from Ninefold Collective and paired them our stinky and sturdy, GG#4 leaning, Gorilla Bubble Bx4 male from Tony Greens Tortured Beans. Funds raised will go to Milo’s family from every pack sold to continue to help them out as he passed suddenly and financial stress should be the last thing his family should have on their plate.
This is a limited release of 40 packs from our parent stock of the first filial generation of this cross.
Flowering Time: 63-75 Days
Yield: Average to High
Seed type: Regular
Indoor / Outdoor: Both


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