Strawberry Hill Seed Co – Dank Shop Collection #3 (11 reg. seeds)

Strawberry Hill Seed Co - Dank Shop Collection #3

Genetics: Oreoz x Scoutbreath
Seeds in the pack: 11
Sex: Regular photoperiod
Type: Hybrid
Flowering Time: 63 days
Yield: moderate - high
Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Indoor/Outdoor

Notes: Dank Shop Collection #3 brings together the exceptional clone only Oreoz with my prize male Scoutbreath. These are two lines that I just felt had to be brought together. They compliment each other very well and the flavors meld in a way that elevates the Oreoz to the next level. Expect very dense flowers on a fairly large framed plant that responds vigorously to topping and training. The Oreoz grows much like an OG and wants to be a big plant with a fair bit of stretch in flower. The Scoutbreath male tames this somewhat without detracting from the yield this Oreoz clone puts out. Higher yielding than even the Scoutbreath line, and carries the potency well. Excellent bud for relaxing with friends , really takes the edge off and mellows out aching muscles and joints.
Have fun with this one..... there will be gems to be found in these beans for sure.


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